January 15, 2011

temporary shelter II - a family affair

I read to my kids before they go to bed just about every night. It is a ritual that we all look forward to. I sat down with them yesterday to talk about how I would be missing this practice at least one night a week for the next 6 weeks. They do not like it when I miss this practice and make that very clear to me when I am taken away for meetings. I had to prepare them ahead of time. So, I asked if they were willing to make this sacrifice and share me with these friends who First Pres' will be providing shelter to for six weeks. They were happy to hear about the shelter. In fact, they wanted to get involved. So, my wife and my in-laws, along with my kids made a plan to come join us once a week for a few hours and bring a meal to our guests. My daughter Paige wants to organize a spoken word night after one of our meals together.

This was a welcome response. But there was still more. I told my oldest boy, Matty that one of those nights was going to fall on his birthday. I told him I was sorry, but I needed to be at the church and we would do something over the weekend. I didn't know how he would respond. He quickly looked up at me and said, "Can't I have my birthday with you and the guests? We can come over and have cake together." I almost cried. I'm proud of him and his sister.

I cherish their willingness to put the needs of others before their own and involve those less fortunate than they in their own lives.

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