January 20, 2011

temporary shelter IV - partnering together

What happens when institutional, multi-site, emerging, missional, house and mega churches from one city come together?

It sounds similar to one of those, "A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar..." jokes. But it's not. These are all terms that might be used to describe the various churches that have come together to make the temporary shelter at FPC happen. They are only labels, which are almost always insufficient and limiting. But it gives a glimpse of the variety of folks that have come together under one conviction: that the good news of the Gospel is good news to the poor. On one night, someone might be sharing about her wealthy, globe trotting friends. The next night, another person is talking about their own struggle to find work. People with much and people with little have come together to do this.

And it has been a beautiful thing to observe.

The guests themselves are not much different in this respect. In fact, they have fewer reasons to trust each other. The streets seem to make folks lose this fast. Yet, even while they each have significantly different stories, daily patterns and routines, they are building community together--they are housemates over the next several weeks afterall.

Watching people learn to trust and love again has been a beautiful thing to observe.

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