February 14, 2011

my day so far

Today is my birthday.

Yes, I was born on St. Valentine's Day.

No, it is the same day every year.

Trust me.

I should know.

It has been a wonderful day so far. Here are the highlights of the things I'm grateful for thus far today...

My new mattress top.
Over the last few months, I've been waking up in pretty bad pain and generally not sleeping well. Why? Well, our mattress sucks is my hypothesis. My in-law's gave us a memory foam topper for our bed. I slept amazingly well last night! And I woke up pain free. I could kiss the inventor of memory foam.

Waking up and having coffee.
I do this every day but it never loses its charm on me.

My son's quiet presence.
Though fighting a soar throat, my Matty came into the dining room, pulled a chair close to mine and sat quietly next to me while I finished a paper for school. It was a sweet gift.

My brother's constant reminder of how old I am.
Thank God for text messaging! I have the deepest respect and love for my brother. But neither of us like to talk on the phone much. So, texting works for us. This morning, I was greeted with, "Holy Cow! You're so old!" (Although, he misspelled, like three words.) I hope he knows that the he's only person that I allow to get away with this to the extent that he does.

A steady stream of birthday wishes on Facebook.
I'm filthy rich in friends. Really. It's crazy. And I am so grateful for all of them. Thanks, everyone.

My newly hemmed jeans.
Yes, those are my ugly feet. I told Brooke her web traffic might bomb by putting those things up. But, hey, it's her site.

This week is a busy week. My day will be very full today, not really much downtime to celebrate. But I am thoroughly okay with that. I am really grateful for the work I have and enjoy it (almost) all the time.

The graphic above.
Because it is awesome. After seeing this picture, every rocker wishes they could make flames come out of their fingers for that moment at the concert when the power ballad begins.

My valentine.
Seriously. Have you seen the woman I'm married to!? Everyday, I wake up next to this woman and am ridiculously grateful for her. I still feel like George McFly winning over Lorraine. "How'd I get this girl?!" I am frequently informed, "Dude, you married up." It's the truth. And I am forever grateful for her love.

Happy Valentine's Day to the rest of you.

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