July 23, 2011

music: wye oak

Wye Oak covers Danzig

This week, my wife and kids are spending time at the beach. So, I've been at home working on papers for school. I decided to take a lunch break and peruse some of music interests. I've been digging the band Wye Oak for awhile. The drummers ability to play the kit and keys at the same--and well--is brilliant. This cover of Danzig's "Mother" is awesome. In fact, its by far better than the original. Don't care how tough Glenn thinks he is, this song was meant to be this soulful. I'm usually not a cover song guy but its nice when a band pulls off a song that stays relatively true to the original while taking into wonderfully new territory. In my estimation, Wye Oak does that here. My only wish would have been that the keys and horn were mixed in louder. Listen/watch and share your thoughts.

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