September 18, 2011

dontbesheep: delegate

Leadership is more than being persuasive and charismatic. It is more than having an vision for doing better than any other has done with an idea. These days, the leaders that most inspire me are artisans of delegation. That???s right. I have come to the conclusion that delegation is an art form, a skill only learned through trial and error. And some people are craftsmen of this skill.

It sounds simple: ask someone to do a job, so you don???t have to.

But it is so much more than this.

Leaders that delegate well have found that success is not found in always getting the credit. This alone says something about the character of a leader. If you???re in it to get all the credit, get the publishing deal, get the pats on the back than you will not be this kind of leader. It requires a certain amount of confidence. Because, if done well, you won???t always be the one getting the acclaid.

What is more, true success in delegating well means you are constantly working yourself out of a job. Leaders that delegate well can bring alongside, model, train, debrief and, eventually, let go and empower the other. It is placing confidence in others, showing them the path and allowing them to find their footing. Effective delegation means that others own the dream; they desire the project to go as well as she or he who envisioned it. It assumes that you, are not only a starter, dreamer and voice but can teach, train and empower. This is what happens behind the scenes of a good team and a good outcome. ??? JE

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