December 31, 2011

2011 Music | Local Love


San Diego remains a vibrant place for good music. Some of favorite bands of all time come from America???s Finest City... And, no, I???m not at all biased. But this year, Adams & Eves, The Tree Ring and little hurricane are the only San Diego bands on my list. Much of this has to do with the fact that I???m a dad of three. I just don???t get out to as many shows as I used to, unfortunately. But these albums are solid and stand solidly with the others on my list.

Adams & Eves??? Dear Professor is smart, cute--even silly, and brilliant. Okay, I confess my bias, here. The Powell???s (Adam plays guitar and sings, Chelsea plays bass) are friends and Adam recorded the Snake Babies EP (a short-lived band I played in). But my personal connection aside, this is a great album! Amongst all the folk-tinged music coming out these days, Adams & Eves do so in a unique way that does not take themselves too seriously--which makes all the more enjoyable. Like so many artists, it is their live show that wins you. They are all together original, energetic and witty when playing live. The album is solidly produced, displaying all of the unique instrumentation this band holds. You can check out the album on their website.

The Tree Ring???s Generous Shadows offers up beautifully sad soundtrack. Ironically (as they are a band from sunny San Diego), they are to me the band perfect for a rainy day. West has a solidly good voice. I think his is what Foreman of Switchfoot fame wishes he sounded like. And Bennett???s strings add so much to the emotion of each track that I don???t what it would sound like without them. You can listen to their album on the band???s website.
[vimeo w=500&h=283]

Lastly, little hurricane???s Home Wrecker is the roots rock album we???ve all been waiting for. Jack White, take note: this is what happens when you have a decent drummer. This is some sexy, gritty music! Both players sing wonderfully and play well. You can check out Home Wrecker on Spotify.

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