January 9, 2012

2012 Music | Most Anticipated


There are a few releases slotted to come out in 2012 that I am already getting excited about. Three in particular.

The first of these is The Evens. The Evens is a duo comprised of Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat fame and Amy Farina from The Warmers. Through Dischord Records, they have released two albums so far and late last year they released a 7". All have been solid releases and I very excited to hear what these mature musicians offer us on their third full-length.

I have a long standing relationship with punk and hardcore. As a teenager, I found something unique and invigorating in this music genre that I found nowhere else. But as I get older, I grow easily bored with the lack of innovation or creativity. It's when bands like Refused or Snapcase come around that I get a renewed interest in this genre. That's why I am looking forward to Ceremony's first release on Matador Records entitled Zoo. This West Coast hardcore band has broken away from the standard hardcore equation and are doing some interesting things. The first single from the record has me eager to hear more.

Lastly, as I shared late last year, I have high hopes for Sleigh Bell's forthcoming Reign of Terror album. Their first album came with a lot of buzz and a lot of praise. But many said that they thought it would be a one-off. The melodic??cacophony??that Treats delivered was thought to be irreproducible. I hope those folks are wrong. I wore out their first album, playing it almost daily for months and months. Reign of Terror's first single delivered some doubts, but I am still eagerly anticipating their??sophomore??release.

How about you? What music are you looking forward to in 2012?

You can listen to 2011's year-end music mix on Spotify here.

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