March 2, 2012

Stuart Murray + Juliet Kilpin in Riverside next week

Changing World, Future Church, Ancient Paths

Stuart Murray Williams
 Juliet Kilpin

Presenters: Stuart Murray Williams and Juliet Kilpin

Date: March 10, 2012, from 10 am to 4 pm Pacific

Location: Madison Street Church, 3991 Madison Street, Riverside, California

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a changing culture, in which the Christian story is no longer familiar and the church is on the margins? Post-Christendom is well advanced in most western societies and this is the emerging reality in the US too. How do we respond to the challenges and seize the opportunities? What role does church planting play as we search for relevant ways of being church in this emerging culture? And what can the Anabaptist tradition offer –- a tradition with centuries of experience on the margins in which many are finding inspiration and fresh perspectives?

Stuart Murray has written some great stuff concerning mission in the 21st century from an Anabaptist perspective. And Juliet is not only a co-blogger with me over at DBS but also an inspiring practitioner of the kind of stuff Murray writes about.

You should consider making the trip up to Riverside next weekend.

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