April 9, 2012

my (belated) reflection from good friday...

I shared a brief reflection on Matthew 26:36-45 during First Pres's Good Friday service. Here it is...

What an unbearable moment. To be with friends, yet feel all alone. To know the will of God, only to grieve it at your core. You can almost hear the trepidation in the voice of the Savior. “Is this really the only way, Abba?” “Could not there not be another way to accomplish this?”

Twice he refers to a cup, a drink he was reluctant to take. This was not just any cup. Like a signet ring, this was the goblet of the King. It was now slid across the table to the Son, this is what it meant to be the King of the Cosmos. This was the goblet he had to hold with such a title.

Was there another option? No, he knew the other options. The Tempter had presented them to him in the wilderness. Not military... nor political... nor economic... not even religious might were tools of his Father’s kingdom. He knew this. But he remains fully man and begins to feel the solitude of the task ahead crouching in.

“Don’t fall asleep, my brothers! Pray with me, friends.” he says. Anything to fight the great loneliness of the work before him. Yet, he was not alone. As he knew and we now know, all of our brokenness was the burden upon his shoulders. He carried that for us, so that we would not.

In a pain-adverse culture such as ours, it is so much easier to dream our way through the wreckage around us as the disciples did that night. Yet, as Paul encourages us in Ephesians, “Wake up, O sleeper... and Christ will shine in you.” But the good news lies in this, even as we grow drowsy, the Savior stands alert and walks towards the challenge that we could not surmount on our own.

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