July 19, 2012

"Why are you moving to DC?!"

As I mentioned on Tuesday, the Evans family is moving to Washington DC next month. We are very excited about the new adventure we're heading out on. We are equally sad to leave such a wonderful community of friends in such a great city. It wasn't an easy decision but it is one that we move into now with confidence that this is the right thing.

I've been asked a lot of questions in person and online about this decision. As time is limited, I will take these one at a time as best I can. To start, a considerable reason is that I was offered a job with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. I will be working with young people across the Diocese in established and new expressions, working with a great team and reporting to a boss I am already impressed by and am eager to work for.

This brings up several other questions such as, "I thought you were an Anabaptist guy working in a Reformed diaspora?! What the heck?!" Yeah. I'll get around to that next.

(So you know, we will be sending out an invite to all of our San Diego friends for one last hurrah that is yet to be planned.)

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