August 31, 2012

road trip 2012 #sdtodc

Tomorrow afternoon the Evans family will be pulling into Washington DC. As I previously mentioned here, I have accepted a job with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington that I am excited to get started at. I haven't blogged much about this as our schedules were filled to the brim up to the day we left. Both Brooke and I stayed at our previous jobs as long as possible but then had but a few short weeks to get our house ready to rent out, say goodbye to friends and family, find a place to live in DC, ship all of our belongings... and on top of that I was finishing up two classes at Fuller. So, posting anything more than tweets and photos under the hashtag #SDtoDC was difficult. But now, all of that is behind us and we are on the cusp of a new season, and a new adventure.??

We've been on the road for just over a week traveling cross country from San Diego to DC. We've had a blast! And we certainly needed some extended time together as a family. So, for those who care, here's a quick run down of our trip highlights thus far:

All along the way we've soaked in the wonderful beauty of the various landscapes across this country. Sedona, AZ was our first stop and we loved the red dirt and rock formations. We also visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is cut into a mountain side.

Our second stop was in Santa Fe, NM. A highlight of our short stop there was visiting the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. While living in San Diego, we loved being so close to a neighborhood like Barrio Logan, which shares the history and heart of contemporary???often lowbrow and street???art of indigenous peoples. This had much of the same feel. I also got to talk with local artist, Daniel McCoy Jr. who was very cool to introduce us to his daughter while painting an installation there.

We stopped at Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. The kids had a blast spray painting the cars! It took forever to pull them away.

Our next stop was Oklahoma City, OK. We hung out at the Myriad Botanical Gardens for quite awhile, letting the kids run around and get wet in the fountains. The memorial documenting the bombing that took place in '95 was breathtaking. And Coffee Slingers made us miss Influx.

In Little Rock, AK, we stopped at the Central High School Museum Center just as they were getting ready to close. The security guards encouraged us to come in and take as much time as we liked. That was an great opportunity to get our kids up to speed on the history of the school???Paige already knew about the Little Rock Nine... But it got even better. The guards told us to walk over to the school and look around. It's an incredible campus! So, we walked around, took some pictures and then peeked in a few windows. A janitor was cleaning the floor, saw us, invited us in and gave an hour long tour himself. It was an amazing experience!

The next couple days were in Memphis, TN. We enjoyed barbecue at Central BBQ and donuts at??Gibson's???which were both incredible! But, for me, the best part was visiting the Sun Studio building, where so many incredible artists have made music history. Elvis is a big deal in Memphis, I wish the Sun Studio's tour talked more about artists like Johnny Cash but it was still awesome being there and gave my kids a deeper appreciation for American music history.

We didn't get to visit our great friends in Nashville, TN unfortunately but as we passed through town I just had to step into Grimey's record store real quick. There are only a few record stores left as cool as this store. I stumbled into??Lambchop??member, Ryan Norris, as I walked in and got to talk to him for a couple minutes???encouraging him to play DC on their next tour???before getting in the car and heading to Knoxville.

By the time we hit Knoxville, TN the kids really needed to stretch their legs! The Ijams Nature Center was an amazing and beautiful place for us all to take a long walk and enjoy creation for awhile.

Today, we'll be in West Virginia. The day after that we'll arrive in Washington DC. On Sunday, we've been invited to go see the Washington Nationals play. On labor day we catch up with our dear friend, Mike Angell.??We've been graciously offered some temporary housing until we move into our own place on October 1.

Lastly, what's a road trip without a playlist?! Below's a visual of what we've been listening to on this trip. This is the first time the kids have made significant contributions to what we've listened to. I'm proud of their musical tastes. My highlights of their's are Danger Doom from Matt and Tristen from Paige. Here's a Spotify playlist from the trip! Check out our photos of the trip on Facebook and Instagram!


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