September 4, 2012

so it begins...

Today, I start a new job. We've been in DC for a couple of days now but it wasn't until this morning as I was getting ready for work that it finally hit me.

We live here now.

It settled in???started becoming real.

I'm looking forward to...

... getting to know this city,
...??getting to know those I will be working with,??
...??getting to know those they serve,
...??starting and creating new things,
...??empowering people to be who God is calling them to be and achieve the dreams God has given them,
...??writing and reading what I want to write and read,
...??more mornings alone with God,
...??more time with my kids,
...??and I'm looking forward to more time with my wife.

We had a wonderful road trip/vacation this last week. But I am glad we are here now. I am quite hopeful about this new adventure. And I welcome the newness and openness of all that is ahead. It's nice to have a bit of fresh start.

With that, I'll sign off. It's off to work!

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