November 11, 2012

a different (prophetic) kind of church plant

The word "apostolic" has found a new life and renewed meaning in the missional conversation. Christian writer Alan Hirsch has even coined the term "apostolic genius." And for all the talk of seeing the 5-fold gifts named in Ephesians 4:11 actuated in a balanced manner, I wonder if we talk about "prophetic" enough. Certainly, all these terms have various meanings in different traditions. But from my understanding "prophetic," in short, informs us of what should be. In the last couple of years, we've seen young (mostly) people around the globe coming together to embody what they believe ought to be (think Occupy, Arab Spring, etc.). We continue to need something similar in the Church. Sometimes they're simply for a season, others are sustainable. Like the prophets of the OT, they agitate the system. But we need them nonetheless to act prophetically, reminding of us what should be–what God has asked us to be/do.  El Faro (The Lighthouse) is such a prophetic community–they practice what ought to be. El Faro is a faith community that comes together weekly at the border, from both sides in San Diego/Tijuana. The community was initiated by my friend John Fanestil who is the Executive Dir. of Foundation for Change and a UMC ordained minister. John has started blogging about this new community and it is worth reading. I had the pleasure of dreaming about this community with John over coffee just before I left San Diego to move to DC. I'm really happy to see this community taking shape. If you're in San Diego, consider visiting with El Faro. If not, consider praying for this emerging faith community.

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