December 22, 2012

video: "singing a lullaby at the end of the world"


Well, the world didn't end yesterday.

But all the hype about it reminded me of a short video put out by Pitchfork??awhile ago. If you have not yet heard of Tune-Yards???the music project by Merrill Garbus???you should. In this video, Garbus is visiting Barcelona, Spain???during the World Cup, I believe. She takes a trip to the steps of Sagrada Familia, the Spanish church designed by Antoni Gaudi.

An interesting question to ask yourself as you watch Merrill Garbus begin to play her song is this:??Where is the church?

Is it the edifice that looms behind the musician?

Garbus' words echo the growing sentiment of a generation that doesn't connect with what's happening inside our churches, "You could kinda stair at it for hours and still not understand it. It's insane."??And the church doors stand dark, silent, closed.

Another interesting question to ask yourself:????Where is the kingdom of God?

The world around the Sagrada Familia is alive. There are people walking the streets, celebrating.??A young woman smiles, takes in all that is happening and sits down to sing "a lullaby at the end of the world."

Can the kingdom be found in any of this?

Maybe it's just me, but this stark image reminds that the the kingdom of God breaks forth all around and often when we aren't looking. It reminds me that we can too easily get caught up in our own monuments of the past and forget the present. There is another way. We too can sing songs, tell stories that reflect the beauty of God's goodness as it makes itself evident in the world today.

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