January 24, 2013

soundcheck: Whitehorse - No Glamour in the Hammer

Some bands you like initially for nothing more than the memories they conjure up; the relationships they remind you of. Over time, their sound grows on you, shaping your musical "taste buds." The midwestern Over The Rhine is one of those bands for me. Initially, it wasn't the style–though I respected the duo artistically and technically. It was the memories of which they provided the soundtrack. Some bands do this "life-soundtrack-making" better than others. Whitehorse is another such band. Holding many similarities to OTR, their songs feel as though they've been crafted around your own experiences. The first time I played this track off their latest record, my wife–who tends to ignore what I play around the house, at least initially–quickly piped up, "Hey, I like this." Hope you do too.
You can listen to my "soundcheck playlist" on Spotify. Click "shuffle" and enjoy!

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