February 20, 2013

A note to aging churches: be yourself

Aging churches often worry about their cultural competency. That is to say, they can grow anxious about whether or not they can be relevant to a younger generation. But let me say this: The pressure is off. Be yourself. Cultural competency is not about whether or not you're conversant in the most recent pop culture trend. Rather, it is about being able to discern the commonality between each human experience across cultural differences. This doesn't mean that those things you cherish won't need to adapt or change over time. This is why it is so important to be able to discern the principles or values that drove to the development of those things you cherish. Still, the younger generation now coming age does not expect youto be them. They expect you to be yourself. Listen well. Tell stories. Enjoy what you can share in common with a younger generation–which is likely more than you thought. And don't do this:
A note to Episcopalians: at 1:00 that's a fog machine... not incense. Sorry to disappoint.

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