February 7, 2013

Learning to speak Episcopalian

I recently mentioned that I can find my way around different denominations pretty well. But that doesn't meant that there isn't terminology unique to every tradition. Episcopalians excel at having their own terminology. A new friend of mine at the National Cathedral made an incredible recommendation to me to help with the learning curve in this regard: An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church. It's awesome! I recommend it to anyone coming into the Anglican tradition.
But I'm interested in more than lingo. I've really wanted to learn more about the unique approaches to Christian faith brought by this tradition. And as is this is a tradition that spreads across the globe, there are many approaches. Yesterday, I leaned about prayer books developed in different countries to respond more appropriately to their context and I'm eager to take a look at some of those.
Another aspect of this transition for me is learning how forward-thinking Episcopalians are approaching mission. So far, I've read
And I can say that I've met three of these four authors and they are each incredible people on top of being thoughtful writers and practitioners.
So, what else do you think I should I be reading if I want to learn more about the Episcopal family?

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