February 8, 2013

the beauty and brevity of our existence

I love what Barbara Brown Taylor says here about Sabbath. And as we approach Lent, I think much of her thought could be applied to this season as well. 
Several priests across our Diocese will be administering ashes in public places this Ash Wednesday. I provided a quote for a press release this week in which I said:
We have few moments in our day-to-day lives in which we stop and contemplate the bigger questions of life. While many may not enter a church on Ash Wednesday, we believe that creating the space to pause and consider the beauty and brevity of our existence is important. Our lives ought to count. They each ought to matter. This is a way for us to create a moment of that kind of consideration with people right where they’re at.
We need limits. Limits remind us of our need for others, for a Savior. Sabbath does that. A season such as Lent does that.
How do we create, or honor, that kind of space in our own lives and for the sake of others?

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