March 6, 2013

book: Drawn In by Troy Bronsink

Di_front_cover2Lately, in my conversations with folks I've been talking about the creative nature of the generation coming of age right now. While I don't think this is really limited to young adults, there is right now an abundance of innovative activity in our culture that defies historic categories.We all long to be more than consumers. We want to create something of meaning. Doug Pagitt talks about this in his "Inventive Age" series. And from a non-religious standpoint, Chris Anderson addresses this in his book, which I'm currently reading, Makers. But how might Christians find their way in such an era? If this is something that you find yourself curious about, Troy Bronsink's book Drawn In is worth looking into. Troy recently let me take a look at a few chapters of the book. And I have to say, Troy is a good, thoughtful writer. He offers in this book practices that will help the reader find the connection between faith and the creative spirit. His style conveys that of a gentle spiritual director helping you find your way, almost on your own. For the rest of this week, Troy's publisher will be running deals on the book. Details will be available on Troy's site and on the book's Facebook page. We need more Christians who will approach their faith as art and church life as a craft. If that resonates with you, I'd strongly encourage you to give this book a read. 

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