May 5, 2013

A new blog series on the EDOW blog

I've started writing, curating a new blog series on the Diocesan blog which will address Millennials and the Church which I'm very excited about. My excitement is about the subject and the people that are contributing. Take a look and share your thoughts:
"Like many of you, I’ve read the studies that document the decline in church attendance among young adults. And while I am aware of the anxiety this can often create, I am uncertain as to how helpful anxiety is at resolving a problem. Almost every Sunday, I visit a different parish within our Diocese. Most of the time, I meet at least one or two young people who have found their way into the Episcopal tradition. Each time, I make it a point to talk with them about what brought them to their church. Whenever I listen to their stories a sense of hope rises up within me."
Read the entire article here.

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