August 31, 2013

Announcement: Blog Changes

Over the last year, I've tried to build a better habit of blogging. I like to write and find it a fulfilling practice. It's also a really easy way to share music discoveries, which has always been a favorite pass time since making mixtapes in middle school. And since our move to the east coast, blogging has been a helpful way of stimulating conversation with friends and family on the west coast. But I've decided that I need to get a bit more organized.

Starting next month (September), I'll be employing a bit of a new format and adding some different content. This will be a bit of an experiment. For the fall (roughly September through November), I'm going to try and stick to a particular weekly publishing routine. It's still in development but here are the major categories:

  • Church/Culture, etc.: I will continue to write about the big ideas I've always tinkered with. But I'm going to try and get disciplined about publishing these on a particular day of the week–and finish some series I've started.
  • Music: I could publish exclusively about music, and I've thought about starting a separate blog for that, but have for the time being decided to simply cut my music posts down to one day a week. Every Friday I will post a "mixtape" of what I've found that week–rather than sporadic posts throughout the week.
  • Books: I love to read! I try to read about a book a week. But I'm bad about sharing what I read consistently. I'm going to attempt to give a brief review of whatever I read on a weekly basis.
  • Other Voices: I've always taken great joy in helping other voices get heard. So, I am going to attempt to work in a regular dose of exposure to other great people my life has allowed my the privilege to connect with.
  • Family: My family are my heroes! The categories of introvert and extrovert have increasingly become blurred for simply due to the four people I live in community with. I always thought I was an extroverted introvert until I realized how much my wife and kids rejuvenate my soul. We also are a creative household. While we were in back in San Diego, I got the idea that this ol' blog might be a good platform to share some of that creativity. So, my oldest child and only daughter Paige will be occupying Saturdays here this fall. She is wonderful writer of short stories and will be publishing those here. Her brother, Matt and I have also been working with Paige on a graphic novel that we will be breaking down into a kind of comic strip will publish that periodically as well.
This is a bit of an experiment. As I enter into a busier season with work, I'm hoping that a routine will help me be more consistent. Otherwise, I know I'll fall off of the practice a bit. So, stay tuned. And let me know what you're most interested in reading about below:

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