September 3, 2013

Nurturing Cultures of Innovation

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In his article, "The Church Needs More Innovative Pastors like MTV Needs More Twerking*," Patrick Scriven writes,
"Our churches need, desperately, to become places of change. While the occasional new idea from the pastor can be good modeling, the pastor that innovates continuously sucks the air out of the church and leaves no room for innovation elsewhere. Our churches would be better served by clergy who excelled at creating and nurturing cultures of innovation."
Scriven makes some good points in his article, most notable that churches ought to make room for innovative lay people. Yet, as I read this, I wondered, is this mistaking mature innovators as "influencers" and what Scriven calls "innovators" are simply immature innovators?

If you're continually "innovating" and yet in your innovation few come along or are welcome to innovate as well... are you doing anything more than tinkering? Innovation requires community. We live in a culture obsessed with personality.  While it may seem contrary, no great innovation happens in a vacuum. Every great innovation is discovered on the backs of other innovations. If you aren't cultivating the space for others to innovate, you're cutting yourself out of the opportunity to improve upon your own innovation.

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