September 7, 2013

"Rain Snow" pt. 1

Just before the snow hit the ground it melted into rain a couple feet off the ground. Jessy called it "rain snow." Jessy moved to Virginia two years ago, almost three. She was turning nine, in one and a half months. Jessy wanted a big chocolate cake with strawberries, fudge and powdered sugar for her birthday. "Yum!" she said as she thought of this.

Boy, did Jessy love winter nights when it was "rain snowing." It was just the perfect temperature. Jessy would go to her window and wrap her favorite blanket around herself and open her window to feel that tickling sensation on her nose from the cold. Jessy looked at her blanket and pulled fuzz off. Her ears started to get cold, but she had left the earmuffs downstairs so she pulled her blanket higher up to cover her ears.

Eventually, she fell asleep.

To be continued...

My daughter, Paige Evans is 11 years old and attending middle school in Washington, DC. On Saturdays, she now publishes short stories she has written. Paige is also an accomplished artist. Her self-portrait is displayed above.

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