September 15, 2013

"Rain Snow" pt. 2

When Jessy woke up, it was morning. She had a mark on her face from the window sill. Since she left her window open, snow had got in and had melted on her bed. It was still a little wet. She ran downstairs and gave her mom and dad a big hug. Her mom's, as well as her dad's, work had been canceled because the road froze. Jessy looked at the phone for messages and there where none. "Darn it!" she whispered. This meant she still had to go to school.

She slumped down in the chair closest to dad and stared at the wall. Her mom set down a plate with eggs and sausage, and a cup of hot cocoa for Jessy and two cups of coffee for herself and Jessy's dad who mouthed, "Thank you." She thought, "Hmmm, this isn't too bad."

Jessy's dad used to work at a firework company, until one day all of the fireworks where accidentally set off all at once and he lost his hearing. At least he wasn't hurt any other way. Jessy and her dad always made up stories about it like, "A giant monster was destroying the city and Jessy's dad saved the day! But then, it exploded and space goop got every were. Even in her dad's ears." This made them both laugh.

Jessy looked at her dad who had put on a face of awkward confusion which made Jessy laugh. Or as her sister would say "LOL." But that was her usual response to everything.

When Jessy was almost done with breakfast, her older sister, Corina, came down in silk pajamas, with head phones in her ears, and fluffy slippers on that to Jessy looked like a mutated rabbits. Corina was nodding and shaking her head wildly to the music. But only until her mom took off the head phones and then Corina stomped back upstairs. When Corina finally came back down she had a pair of head phones taped onto her head. Jessy was done with breakfast.

Jessy grabbed her lunch money, backpack and was about to go to school when her mom stopped her. "Where are you going?" she said. Jessy looked behind her mom and saw her dad signing, "NO SCHOOL." "Oh!" she thought. Her mom must have deleted the school message!

"Sorry," Jessy said, "I thought we had school today." Jessy heard her sister say something with her mouthful of eggs that sounded like, "Stupid!" But Jessy knew she was only saying that to act cool. Like Corina says "Always act like your being filmed. Now, get out of my face."

To be continued...
My daughter, Paige Evans is 11 years old and attending middle school in Washington, DC. On Saturdays [typically–when Dad has time to post], she now publishes short stories she has written. Paige is also an accomplished artist. Her self-portrait is displayed above.

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