October 27, 2013

"Rain Snow" pt. 3

A few minutes passed and Jessy was back in her pajamas, lounging around, watching the news–even though it was the most boring show ever. After what seemed an hour, there was a weather warning. The woman said there might be a bad blizzard coming their way. Jessy guessed her mom heard that, because she had rushed passed Jessy's dad and over to her office phone.

The "office" was the newest addition to the house. It had been her mom's ever since it was finished.

Jessy picked up the kitchen phone after muting the TV. "I know but you can't come in this weather," was what Jessy heard after pressing a few buttons. It was her mom who was talking. But to who? And who wasn't coming?

Suddenly, she heard a different voice besides her mom's and the one in her head. The voice said " Oh, the girls will be so disappointed." "Gra-!" was all Jessy said, afraid the two voices on the phone would hear. Grandma, it was grandma on the phone with her mom.

The next part of the conversation was on plans for when Jessy's grandparents could come. They'd come on Jessy's birthday instead.

Apparently, Corina had the same idea of listening to mom and Grandma's conversation, but on the upstairs phone. "Worst B-day EVER!" Corina had said in a sing-song voice implied to Jessy. But after Jessy heard that her grandparents were coming she was convinced that she wasn't going to have the worst birthday ever. She was going to have the BEST!

To be continued...

My daughter, Paige Evans is 11 years old and attending middle school in Washington, DC. She now publishes short stories she has written here. Paige is also an accomplished artist. Her self-portrait is displayed above.

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