October 23, 2013

Sacred Space + Sacred Music

I frequently find myself in conversations regarding worship and sacred spaces. It's often said to me that our historic spaces aren't conducive to different genres of music or worship styles. While not participating/leading a liturgy of any kind, the band Low performs a piece below that is testament to the fact that our historic, sacred spaces are in fact conducive to different forms of music.

The music review website, Pitchfork did a series of videos with contemporary musicians performing in sacred spaces. And in most cases, it works! The northwest musical collective, The Opiate Mass creates worship experiences in cathedrals using contemporary instrumentation. Two things to keep in mind. First, as my friend April pointed out in our video chat last month, don't use musicians, let them lead. They'll often find an approach to the crossroads of space and worship you had not considered. Second, never forget that the worship experience is not itself the end, but an aspect of what it is to make disciples–always consider whether or not how you worship assists in the work of shaping folks into being apprentices of Jesus.

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