October 1, 2013

Scriptural literacy

I mentioned yesterday that I've been attempting to read through the Bible from cover to cover within a year. At work this fall, we started a program of reading through Scripture together using The Story. Why? Because, as our webpage for this program starts, "A study of over 1,000 Christian congregations recently determined that nothing has more effect on spiritual growth than scriptural reflection." Our team takes seriously the task of helping faith communities make disciples and Scriptural literacy is a huge aspect of spiritual formation. We're taking turns providing some reflections on the passages folks will be reading together across the Diocese. Here's a blurb from what I penned today, reflecting on the Exodus story:
"It would almost be easier to read of Moses and Pharaoh acting without divine direction. But we can’t! Consistently through these chapters we read of God showing up and engaging with these characters in a way that determines how the story goes. There are days when I wish I could say the same about my life today–a burning bush would make it easier to know exactly where God was present. But when I’m honest, there are likely many more days when I’m glad to have a greater sense of control over my life."
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What routines, tools and resources have you found helpful for reading Scripture? For me, there are two things that have been huge:

  1. The Message, Peterson's language makes me sit up and pay attention
  2. YouVersion app, which allows me to listen to Scripture when I'm on the go

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