November 12, 2013

Commonplace | November 23

I'm getting excited about an event coming up later this month we're calling, Commonplace. Last year around this time we hosted an event for young leaders across the Diocese of Washington. We heard from a variety of folks who shared with each other what is and is not working in relation to ministering to young adults. It was an informative gathering from many perspectives. But this year, we're hoping to do something not just informative and equally inspiring. We're hoping people walk away with a new imagination for what is possible.

I have the privilege of traveling across the Diocese, hearing and seeing incredible transformative stories taking place. Those of us putting this together are hoping to bring those stories to others through this gathering. Pithy stories of folks finding God in their lives and communities will be shared. There will be art, music, and a variety of organizations sharing resources for young adults. I can't say how much I love an event that involves such a wide variety of personalities and gifts... I'm looking forward to it!

Some have asked, "Why 'Commonplace'?" The name is a nod to a few things:
  1. It's a nod to the intent of "common" as in the Book of Common Prayer. We're hoping that this gathering expresses Christian faith in the common vernacular.
  2. It's a nod to the "commons" as the place where gifts of an entire community are collectively shared.
If you're anywhere near us in the region, Episcopal or not, young adult or young at heart, come join us. Check out the FB event, let us know you're coming and what you're most excited about.

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