December 19, 2013

Favorite Christmas movies and more!

If you didn't already hear, there's a new Easter People podcast episode out this week. If you haven't yet, connect with the podcast on Facebook and Twitter, and leave a review on iTunes! In this episode, we offer our thoughts on the new Catching Fire film, the latest from The Hunger Games series. We also discuss our all time favorite Christmas films. Listen and vote for which of ours you thought was best (ahem, mine!). And Lisa beats me to the punch in sharing about Fast4Families–which is cool, 'cause I got to share about Advent Conspiracy.

Speaking of Advent, I had the opportunity to chat with Chad Brinkman from Episcopal Relief and Development for our monthly EDOW Roundtable. We talked about the act of giving and what it means to Christians during this time of year. Like Advent Conspiracy, they offer a lot of tools for this season to assist us in rethinking what it means to give gifts. I was happy to learn about their work and get to know Chad a bit. You can watch below:

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