December 7, 2013

Friday Mixtape - December 6, 2013

Another variety of loud rock and roll this week. A lot of it has clear influences from 90's indie, emo and punk. (This is becoming a trend lately.) Speaking of the 90's, I'm looking forward to seeing Ex Hex later this weekend. Ex Hex is fronted by Mary Timony who played in Wild Flag and Helium before that. Not sure if I'm going to keep up this mixes. Let me know what you think. It's fun, but there are other projects brewing. That said, I am working on my year-end music list for 2013! How's your's coming along? Well, listen to this week's mixtape below or stream on Spotify or Shuffler. Enjoy!

Ex Hex - "What Kind of Monster"

Los Romanticos de Zacatecas - "Nuestro Amor"

The World Is a Beautiful Place ... - "Heartbeat in the Brain"

Big Ups - "Wool"

Potty Mouth - "Sleep Talk"

Placeholder - "Tired of Me"

Nude Beach - "What Can Ya Do"

Give - "I Am Love"

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