December 18, 2013

Tonight! | Theology on Tap

I mentioned a couple weeks ago, that Brooke and I will be speaking at Theology on Tap tonight. Several of you have mentioned to us that you'll be coming. We're both looking forward to it! Not only because we get to speak, but because my in-law's flew into town last night, which means we can hang out with all you wonderful folks for quite awhile–a rare opportunity for the two of us at the same time! So, if you haven't made up your mind yet, come hang out. We'll be sharing about a variety of creative stuff we've conspired on to make Christian traditions fun, engaging and real.

How did the two of us come to our informal, yet sacramental, view of life?

Two reads: For you geekier types, I'd recommend reading The Liturgical Year by Joan Chittister. And for the rest of you, check out Geez magazine.

And two faith communities: Vineyard Central in Cincinnati, OH and Church of the Savior, here in DC (including everything written by Elizabeth O'Connor on CofS).

These have influenced how we think about these things incredibly.

See you tonight!

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