January 29, 2014

A few updates...

Good to catch up with some of you at the Forma conference last week! The workshop Mike Angell and I led was packed and a lot of fun. (Kyle Oliver offers a recap of the conference–and our workshop–here.)

Here's a few updates for you as I've not found the time to post much lately... There's a new Easter People episode up! We talk about disagreements in church life (nah, you've never experienced that, have you?!). And we had another Bible quiz–in which we prove kinda pathetic once again. But I did get in a nod to the song "Back to the Cross" by The Crucified. This band has been one of the most influential bands on my life. Seriously. (Tangent: When I was seventeen, I punched a guy at one of their shows to defend this girl's honor... it worked.)

Speaking of Bible-related stuff, I've penned another post for EDOW's The Story series:
"The ups and downs of the collective Hebrew experience can be challenging to read! The temple is built and then destroyed. The people come together only to be scattered amongst other empires once again. God protects his people when they are obedient and sends them into diaspora when not. Yikes! Does God really work that way? I don’t think so. We have to remember that Old Testament authors lived a long time ago. The stories we are reading about happened long before all of the scientific discoveries that make our lives what they are today. Like us, the authors believed that God is the source of life. Because of this, they attribute all outcomes to God’s will. But there is much more going on here than God exacting punishment or reward! Even within this ancient worldview held by these Old Testament writers, I think there are a few helpful reminders for us."
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Looking forward to seeing some of you at our diocesan convention. I'll be in the "new expressions" workshop on Friday and the "neighborhood mapping" workshop on Saturday. Even if you're not clergy or a delegate, feel free to come join the conversation! After worship on Friday night, you're invited to come hang out at the M Blue Lounge at the Marriott to meet other young leaders in the Diocese.

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