January 19, 2014

First Post of 2014: An Evans' Update

I was at a meeting in southern Maryland yesterday and a young man pulled me aside and said, "You haven't blogged since mid-December!" ... It felt like I'd been caught with my fly down!

Jason Kottke announced the death of the blog last month. Of course, his post was a bit tongue-in-cheek. But one can't deny that other social media has increasingly taken the place that blogging once did. But, no, I'm not quitting because blogging isn't as in vogue as it once was. It's simply that this last month has been super full. So, let me update you...

For starters, we bought a house! We've moved into the Takoma neighborhood here in DC. Our first year in the city, we rented a place. Between Christmas and New Year's–and with the assistance of some wonderful friends and family–we moved out of our rental and in to our new place. The new home was built in the late 40's. Those of you that have been tracking with the Evans' family for years now know what that means!

Right after the new year, we got to work on projects that will make the space our own–another reason for my lack of blogging. We've already turned a dark basement bar/lounge into a bright family room, remodeled the dining room, almost finished three bedrooms and gutted the kitchen. Brooke will certainly be posting before-and-after pics of the place as we renovate room by room. All this to say that life has been full of newness... but I'm back!

There's a lot of catching up to do! But until next time, go check out the last two episodes of Easter People (I promise to post a late 2013 best music list soon). I hope I bump into some of you at the Forma conference this week. You can also join me for this month's EDOW Roundtable on Tuesday.

Lastly, this morning I'm really honored to be on a panel discussion at the Cathedral discussing Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of the "Beloved Community." I'm so glad that the Cathedral is hosting this conversation and I hope it's a dialog that moves us toward action. King's last sermon was at the Cathedral (I love this photo of his sermon–anyone know how to get a print of this, btw). It's a fitting conversation for today and a dream to honor moving forward.

More to come.

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