March 18, 2014

Some Updates...

There's lots going on that I should've mentioned sooner, but here's the run down:

Today, I'm hosting another EDOW Roundtable. This month we're talking about gun violence and the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath that happened this last weekend. You can watch online here.

Tomorrow night, you can join me and the folks from St. Paul's and St. John's at The Bier Baron for another Theology on Tap conversation on cyber security, privacy and faith with Clark Ervin.

Here's my latest from our series on the The Story:
"The more familiar we become with Jesus’ context, the clearer we begin to see why the religious and political forces of his day found his words and actions troubling. He questioned their authority by employing a completely different kind of authority. He provoked the status quo by embodying and inviting others into a completely different way of thinking about poverty, sustenance, leadership and power. Jesus was not about to let the misdirected individuals and institutions of his day obstruct him from his mission." Read the rest...

I'm back with the Easter People gang on episode 11 where we talk about Ashes-To-Go, the first issue of Ms. Marvel and this photo of my boss.

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