April 24, 2014

A New Spin On The Rapture

Cue the Larry Norman track!!

Remember the film, The Thief in the Night?  It was released in 1972 and dramatizes a particular reading of the Book of Revelation and rapture "theology." It's seventiestastic! (If you haven't, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.) Well, HBO is now on the rapture bandwagon. They're producing a series based on Tom Perrotta's 2011 novel, The Leftovers. Here's the first teaser:

Perrota's spin on the rapture doesn't follow the literal, biblical interpretation taken by those like Tim LaHaye and his Left Behind series. Though I haven't read it yet (but am looking forward to), Perrotta seems to be poking fun, at least a bit, at those that take this literally. But, increasingly, I think the literal versus metaphorical debate about Scripture just isn't honest. I recently wrote a blog post on Revelation for work and came across this N.T. Wright quote while preparing:
"Nobody takes all the Bible literally, and nobody takes it all metaphorically, whatever they may say; we are none of us as wooden as our slogans suggest."
All of us do both with Scripture.

In any case, I'm looking forward to reading Perrotta's book and checking out the series. Have you read The Leftovers? What were your thoughts?

Here's HBO's 1st trailer. Eat you're heart out, Kirk Cameron!

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