June 12, 2014

"grow by batch number instead"

[Here's a first, two posts in a row promoting crowd-funding friends.]

St. Lydia's is a unique faith community. And their pastor, Emily Scott, is a unique Christian leader. Consider this from her recent article at HuffPo:
"Just like bread from the kitchen, St. Lydia's comes in batches. A church of 30 people can't hope to be financially sustainable, supporting a pastor and providing an operating budget. And so we plan to grow by batch number instead of by batch size. About a year ago, we started worshipping on Monday nights in addition to Sunday nights. We'll keep growing this way, adding more services as we go. In this way, a church the size of a couple of bowling lanes can sustain a pretty sizable congregation, and afford that New York rent."

Emily has figured out how to manage sustainable growth of a public, Christian community on a realistic scale in the dense, urban environment. Many congregations want to grow. And that ought to! Churches are spiritual organisms and healthy organisms grow. But the future for numerous churches may not be one big expression, but many smaller to moderate sized expressions.

Consider getting behind this young community. There's something for us all to learn from what St. Lydia's is creating.

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