July 3, 2014

BCP as Evangelistic Tool

This last year, I devoted a lot of time and emotional energy to our campus ministries. This long standing mission of the diocese is certainly in a liminal space at the moment. I recently wrote an article reflecting on some of things I've taken away from what I've observed since arriving here:
"Last spring, the students at American University couldn’t bear staying inside for their weekly compline service on campus. It was just too nice outside! With BCP’s in tow, they marched out of the chapel and sat down on the steps to pray together. A friend of one of our students walked by at this moment. “Oh, hi!” she said to her friend. “Hi … What are you doing?” was her friend’s reply. “We’re about to pray ... Would you like to join us?” she said with just a tinge of awkwardness. There was a pregnant pause as we all sat waiting to hear her friend’s response. “Um, well, I’ve never prayed before,” the friend answered. Holding out a red book, this young woman responded, “That’s okay. This is like a guide to prayer. All you have to do is follow along. We’ll start here.”"
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