July 27, 2014

Mead's Evangelism Quadrilateral

Third Space's guest speaker last week shared this diagram from Loren Mead, "Quadrilateral of Evangelism–How do we choose to live our faith?":
Source: Loren B. Mead, 1994, Alban Institute

Along with the "quadrilateral" were these questions:
  • (Rel./Sec.) Do we prefer to seek God in heaven of by bringing God's kingdom to earth?
  • (Ind./Soc.) Do we prefer to seek out God through a personal relationship or our community?
  • How do we choose to live today? How do we think we should?
  • What can we learn from each other?
Too often evangelism is thought to be for extroverts or a particular brand of Christianity. While imperfect, I found this helpful in considering how each of us engage God and the world. I imagine that simply articulating for yourself how you engage makes the conversation about how you approach evangelism easier. The last thing I'll add is that I like that Mead connects "evangelism" with "live our faith." Evangelism is not simply a practice, it's a way of living as Bryan Stone did such a great job of unpacking in Evangelism After Christendom.

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