September 10, 2014

Rebel Storytellers

I've been invited to write for Rebel Storytellers, a project "devoted to sparking hope and action in the world, particularly for people who feel stuck and want more for their lives." The website is being created by people I highly respect. I'm honored to receive the invitation and happy to announce that I'll be writing for them on a monthly basis. Go check out the site, follow us on Twitter (@RblStorytellers) and please read my first post:
One of the lessons I’ve learned from watching what has unfolded in Ferguson, MO is this:

We fear those that are no longer afraid.

Most of us live in fear. Fear of not fitting in. Fear of losing our jobs. Fear of our darkest secrets being found out. Fear of not having enough.

For some this fear is even more drastic. Fear of being hated. Fear of being harmed. Fear of being killed.

But something incredible happens when a person is no longer afraid: Change.

Suddenly, what seemed impossible yesterday is possible today.

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you agree with those protesting in response to Michael Brown’s murder. The reality is that when people decide they can no longer allow fear to determine their actions they make change possible. None of us can deny that what has happened will change issues such as race, privilege and policing in this country.

We have a name for those that choose to set fear aside: Rebels.
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This post was inspired by friends like Broderick Greer who continue to confound the powers in beautiful ways.

Next month, I'll write on storytelling. Stay tuned.

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