November 11, 2014

Both/And, Either/Or

The Barna Group just released a study conducted with the Cornerstone Knowledge Network, studying the worship spaces Millennials feel comfortable in. It's an intriguing research project. But I have to disagree with this quote:
While “Sanctuary,” “classic” and “quiet” are more often associated with traditional church buildings, less than half of survey respondents preferred the word “traditional” over “modern.” And herein lies a cognitive dissonance common to the young adults interviewed in the survey. Many of them aspire to a more traditional church experience, in a beautiful building steeped in history and religious symbolism, but they are more at ease in a modern space that feels more familiar than mysterious.
Is this cognitive dissonance? I don't know that this demonstrates contradiction Why can't the informal and reverent go hand-in-hand? While maybe not as common in urban centers, this has long been the trend of many rural faith communities. And, I have to say, this actually makes me feel quite at home with the Millennials surveyed in this study. What do you think?

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