November 13, 2014

What is Home?

I haven't written much about our transition from the west coast to the east coast over the last year and a half. If you're interested in that I have a new post up over at Rebel Storytellers. In it I reflect on the transition of making home on one coast to another. It sounded a little gloomier than I intended it. But it's honest. To be clear, I love our life here in DC. But building a sense of home in a new place–as many know–does not come without effort.

Would love to read your thoughts:
Over two years ago, my family and I moved across country. After living a lifetime in one city, we found ourselves in a new city and all that comes with that: a new house, new schools, new workplaces, new relationships. The day we began our move, we were each so thrilled by the adventure! The idea of newness was enlivening. It was as if life went from standard definition to high definition.

Our first year in our new home was incredible. The distinct geography was thrilling to discover. Seasonal differences were fascinating to experience for the first time. Meeting interesting people and making new friends was fun! It was quite literally 52 weeks of constant discovery. And it was breathtaking.

Our second year in our new home was difficult. Each of us began to feel the loss of all that had been known so well. Familiar challenges in life no longer had their corresponding familiar comforts. The embrace of a friend who knows your story deeply. The foods that feed the soul as much as the belly. The well-worn scenic walks and drives that provided time for talking or thinking through life’s difficulties were no longer accessible. A community whose prayers and laughter, tears and sweat had shaped your life? Out of reach. We were a large family in a bustling city and yet the word “alone” didn’t quite describe the sense of isolation we began to feel.
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