December 15, 2014

2014 Year End Podcast List

I've had the privilege of being part of the Easter People podcast for over a year now. Most podcasters are themselves podcast fans. This certainly applies to me. I listen to quite a few podcasts! And this has been quite the year for podcasting. There is the incredibly popular This American Life spin off, Serial. Many folks have followed the Kickstarter success of 99% Invisible. While these are some of the podcasts I follow, below are my top 5 podcast finds for the year.

  1. Still Untitled: My whole family loves Mythbusters and that is how I discovered this podcast. Still Untitled is hosted by Adam Savage from Mythbusters with Norm and Will from All things gadgets, tinkering, science, fatherhood and sci-fi. If you like BoingBoing's Gweek this is probably right up your alley!
  2. StartUp: My fellow Easter people podcaster, Kyle Oliver turned me on to this. I love Planet Money and StartUp comes from the mind of Adam Bloomberg from this show. It's a podcast series that documents the start up of his new podcasting company. His company, Gimlet Media has also started another podcast worth checking out, Reply All, hosted by PJ and Alex from TL/DR.
  3. Song Exploder: Part of the Maximum Fun podcast network, Song Exploder is a super unique music podcast. I haven't heard anything quite like this. On each episode an artist explains the construction of one song. I can't get enough of this show. If you listen to the UK song writing podcast, Sodajerker you'll dig this.
  4. Guest DJ Project: KCRW brings in writers, actors, artists and other well-known people to share their favorite songs. Each guest plays a song and shares why this song is special to them. It's super fun and interesting to hear what kind of music inspires creative people from all sorts of fields.
  5. Drunk Ex-Pastors: The title says it all. Two guys that used to be evangelical Christian pastors talk about any number of random subjects while drinking. Their conversations are wide-ranging and while I don't tend to like longer podcasts, I enjoy their banter and camaraderie–even when I disagree with them.
If you listen to podcasts, share what you're a fan of. If you haven't checked out our show, Easter People yet I hope you will and let us know what you think!

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