December 28, 2014

One. Last. Music Post for 2014.

Brooke and I have a basic rule for the gifts we give our kids at Christmas:

Something to read. Something to wear. Something to play with. Something to listen to.

Obviously, the "something to listen to" category is my wheel house! This year, I picked out these three albums:
  • For my daughter I picked out Laura Mvula's Sing to the Moon. The album came out in 2013 but I've enjoyed it since then. Paige likes strong female vocalists and I like Mvula because she's doing something a little different than most female pop vocalists.
  • For my youngest son, I picked The Terrible TwosJerzy The Giant. I knew of the group due Matt Pryor's former band The Get Up Kids. When they were much younger, our two older kids loved The Terrible Twos first album, If You Ever See An Owl. Sam seems to enjoy it so far. In my opinion, Jerzy isn't as strong as Owl but it's still fun for long drives with little ones for parents who can't stomach most of the music marketed to little kids.
  • For our our older son, I picked out A Tribe Called Quest's classic, The Low End Theory. Matt is really getting into hip hop. I love a lot of hip hop but I am put off by the misogyny and hubris that is found in many albums. So, I'm trying to introduce him to artists that have shaped the genre for the better and have made hip hop into a true craft. Along the way, he'll hopefully pick up an appreciation for jazz, as they sample tons of it.
Seeing as this is my last music related post for the year, I'll throw in a few albums I'm looking forward to in 2015:
  1. Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love: It is so cool that Sleater-Kinney is preparing a new album after a long hiatus! Add to that, there's rumor that Carrie Brownstein of SK is working on a project with Annie Clark of St. Vincent. That will be awesome.
  2. Radiohead - TBA: Not much word on what this album will hold but I'm sucker for anything put out by this band.
  3. Faith No More - TBAYes, I confess that I'm very curious to hear what this band does after such a long stretch.
  4. KEN Mode - Success: This band continues to crank out some great stuff. Looking forward to what they do this coming year.

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