April 14, 2015

A New Thing | a new blog series

I had a lot of fun writing the "Liturgy for Lent" series with Mike Angell. So, I've decided to do another one! I'm launching a new blog series today called, "A New Thing." It's spring time. We just celebrated new life in Jesus' resurrection this Easter Sunday. Seems an appropriate time for a series with this title.

I'm also involved in a new thing, a faith community. Over the last couple of years, I've come to know Kevin Lum, founding pastor of The Table–a young church here in DC. I've linked up with The Table on Sunday nights to be a part of their second plant in the DC Northwest. This doesn't change anything with my work, which I absolutely love. But I thoroughly enjoy helping out with birthing new faith communities and I'm happy to volunteer my time on Sunday evenings. In fact, I'm preaching this Sunday night at 6pm. Come join us if you're free.

It was almost two decades ago that I got involved in church planting (dang, I'm old). Since then I've been involved in lots of "new things" (new positions, new offices, new ventures, etc.) But one can never start learning about start-up skills. A lot has changed in me, in the Church and in our culture since I got started. I want to keep learning. That's part of why I'm working with Kevin–I want to continue learning from young leaders doing excellent work.

I’m fascinated by those with an entrepreneurial spirit, their work and how they get things done. For example, I really enjoy the "How I Work" series on Lifehacker. Because of that, I decided to do a series that riffs off of this. I will be profiling creators, innovators, entrepreneurs–those that are working on new enterprises that I want to learn from. I have conversations like these all the time but I thought it would be good to start documenting and sharing those here. My hope is that you'll find this useful as well–I hope you can draw from their ideas and practices in starting new expressions of the Kingdom yourself. There's never too many people stirring up Jesus-like mischief!

The Series: Colby Martin | Jane Gerdsen | Jeya and Dan So | Sara Shisler Goff | Katie Nakamura Rengers