November 30, 2015

A (Mini)Vacation

For Thanksgiving, we decided to head down to Virginia Beach for a few days. We didn't have family coming into town or anyone coming over to our place for Thanksgiving. So, we decided to hit the beach. Even if it is winter. Amazingly, the weather was fantastic!

For most of my life I lived near the beach and I never appreciated the ocean the way I do now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. It's difficult to explain but for those of that lived most of our lives near the ocean, there's something about walking up to the shore of any large body of water. Something in your soul says to you, "I've missed this." Even if you weren't conscious of it. As the salt air fills your lungs, the sand is between your toes and you hear the sound of waves you know you've missed this. This has been a busy autumn for all five of us. None of us realized how much we needed to feel sand in our toes until we got to the beach on Thursday. But we knew we'd missed it when we got there.

I took the photo above while watching the sunrise the morning we left. I wanted to soak in every last second of the view. I wasn't going to miss it when we left. I was ready to go home. But I sure was appreciative of four days near the water. Guess that's the sign of a good (mini)vacation: you're grateful, renewed and ready to get back to it!

I saw this quote the morning we left for home on Twitter and it has stuck with me:

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