November 21, 2015

Writing Again

Been a little quiet around here for awhile. I haven't blogged for several months. At the beginning of May my mind was mostly made up that I would stop writing here. And then I met someone at an event I spoke at recently. She quietly approached me, introduced herself and said that she hoped I would continue blogging. Her kind words about frank writing from a unique perspective stuck with me.

After months of internal debate I decided to start blogging again. It's not the flattery that made me decide to blog again, though that may have got the conversation started in my head. It's because I really enjoy writing for myself. It's good for me too. A space to spread out my thoughts and clarify them for myself is helpful for someone who finds themselves writing and talking a ton for their work.

But here's the deal, this is a blog on the interwebs. It's public. Of course I'm not writing just for myself! That's what a journal is for. I'm not so self absorbed that I would write just to have an audience. In any case, that audience would have gone elsewhere with months of neglect. Rather, I hope to start conversations, swap ideas and share things that might be helpful for others and create a spark or the next time you and I talk over coffee.

If this blog is still in your feed reader (does anyone use those anymore?) you'll see this show up. I'm not going to push this out in other social media for awhile. I'd prefer to get these muscles moving again, find my new writing stride and then let others know.

That's it for now.

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