December 25, 2015

Pop Culture Christmas

The presents have been opened. The meals shared. Drinks poured. Now what? Listen to some tunes? Watch something? A few weeks ago, I tweeted:
Heard about lots of Christmas albums in response to that tweet. Sufjan Stevens, John Denver, Percy Faith, Kate Bush, the Three Tenors and many more! But my favorite remains A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio. A classic!

A family tradition we started years ago is watching a handful of Christmas movies on the night of the last day of school before the kids' winter break. We've got a growing list of films we vote on but my pick, year after year, is always A Christmas Story. Every year. There are others but this is also my first pick. So, great!

That said, did you watch A Very Murray Christmas?! Bill Murray at his best. Hilarious!

What are you watching? Listening to anything? Any other pop culture traditions during the break?

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Merry Christmas!

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