February 5, 2016

Podcast Fridays: Song Exploder

I love podcasts. I joyously geek-out whenever I meet someone that loves listening to podcasts like me! So, I figured I'd start sharing some of the podcasts I love here. I tend to prefer shorter podcasts that are well-produced, but beyond that my interest spans the gamut. There are a few podcasts that have become my standard go-to's but I'm always discovering new one's that I think to myself, "Why isn't everyone listening to this?!" So, I'm going to start with a solid go-to that I wish everyone listened to: Song Exploder. Host Hrishikesh Hirway is one of my favorite podcasting hosts and he has made me love some artists more than I did and discover others I didn't follow. No matter the musicians, it's always fascinating: an artist unpacking the creation of one of their songs. To start, check out the episode w/ Tune-Yards or Hirway's guest episode on 99% Invisible profiling Brian Reitzell–who made the opening credits music for the TV show, Hannibal.

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