March 31, 2016

Watching Jesus - Update

Thanks to those of you who have sent me your recommendations. I haven't watched any of these yet, but based on your recommendations, here are the films I'm most certainly going to be watching:

Most Violent - The Passion of Christ
Some folks have told me flat out not to watch it. Too bloody for many people, apparently. I love The Walking Dead, so, I think I'll be able to handle this. It's available on Netflix.

Musical - Godspell
I saw this onstage in San Diego years ago. Brooke used to listen to the soundtrack when we were dating. I remember it being very rooted to the era it was created in but otherwise decent. Available on Amazon.

Weirdest - The Last Temptation of Christ
I know very little of this except that Scorsese directed it and that it was not appreciated by many Christian groups. Peter Gabriel did the soundtrack. I'm interested! Available on Amazon.

Animated - The Miracle Maker
Stop-motion animated film about the life of Jesus. Maybe this will be my "palate cleanser" following The Passion. Hey, I liked Gumby as a kid, so, might as well give it a try! Available on DailyMotion.

Oldest - The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ
A silent movie made in 1902. So curious about this! Available on YouTube.

As long as my schedule allows, I'll be watching one film per week. I'll announce when I'm viewing one them through Facebook and Twitter so you can watch along if you like, and I'll live tweet while watching and share a brief reflection afterwards here on the blog.

What else would you recommend?