April 15, 2016

Watching Jesus: The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ

This is part of my #watchingJesus series.

On Wednesday, I watched The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ. This film should not be mistaken with the Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ. You can read my thoughts on Gibson's film here. Two very different films, even though telling the same story... sort of.

The Life and Passion came out in 1903. It's a silent film. All of the technological advancements in film making aside, the primary difference between the the two aforementioned films is that Gibson's looks strictly at Jesus' conviction, torture and execution. The Life and Passion looks at vignettes across the story of Jesus life.

This movie has all the schmaltzy aspects you can imagine from a film made in 1903! Costumes, over-gesticulating acting (guess you have to do that in a silent movie), silly special effects, etc. Honestly, I love that stuff. I'm sure at the time, the film makers took themselves seriously. But with so much distance between now and its creation, the film is simply fun. Overall the movie gets the narrative of Jesus found in the Gospels right. The YouTube version has updated music that works surprisingly well. And it's short! So, you won't be wasting too much time if you didn't find it as silly and mildly entertaining as I did.

What follows are my tweets while watching The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ for the first time ...